Alli contains the following ingredients: Orlistat, FD&C Blue #2, Edible ink, Gelatin, Iron Oxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Povidone, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Talc, Titanium Dioxide.

The most important ingredient of Alli is Orlistat. This ingredient has an amazing ability to block fat fat intake..

Users have experienced the unpleasant Gas with oily spotting loose, an uncontrollable but urgent need to go to the toilet, diarrhea stool unsightly yellow stain marks in the toilet bowl as well as a higher heart rate.

Side Effects:
Alli is the first of two non-prescription OTC weight loss aid approved by the FDA, the second one is Proactol.

It is a "fat inhibitor"  which means that it will not burn existing fat that you have accumulated, but instead blocks fat from being stored by the body.

Basically what it does  is that it helps to prevent added weight by blocking fat intake.

It popularity stems from the fact that most people get moderate results
Does Alli Work? 

2008 Official Weight Loss
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Alli Review

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Alli retailers claim this pill will help you to lose approximately 8-12 pounds per month without exercising. In fact, this will not work for all individuals. You will not ever lose that much unless you exercise consistently . Alli, as mentioned before, is a fat blocker product. A fat blocker will only work effectively if you have a habit of eating foods high in fats as well as reducing carbohydrate consumption.  It will however help you to keep the additional pound off.

If you have trouble with your eating habit and eat more than normal proportion, Alli will definitely help your fat absorption. But you will also have to contend with its unpleasant side effects.

The real dilemma is that Alli is a fat inhibitor, it prevents fat intake, it will not by itself deal with the excess weight that already exist in you body unless you exercise

Unless you change you eating habits, without Alli the weight will return.

Lose Weight  By Using?

The Bottom Line: 
The Alli weight loss pills is a good product, its primary focus is on blocking fat intake, it does not deal effectively with your hunger pangs, boost your energy or detoxify your body of free radicals.   If used, it will provide you with  moderate results but you will have to deal with the unpleasant side effects outlined above.  As mentioned before it does not work for why would you want to take a chance on this product if there are more effective better ones which .The choice, however is yours.
*** Our Rating ***
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