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Advantages and Disadvantages of Lida Daidaihua:

Lida Daidaihua is a herbal extract slimming capsule which has Daidaihua as its main ingredient. The Daidai fruit is a an Asian variety of Bitter Orange. The word Daidai means several generations or staying on the tree for sebveral years if not picked.   Normally bitter but if dried, peeled and consumed has been used in Chinese Medicine as an expectorant  and as a digestive tonic.

Daidai claims that the herbs in this formulation not only dissolves and eliminates excess body fat, but suppresses the appetite, speed metabolism, and provides quick results from day one of consumption.  Lida Daidaihua claims that it will prevent the weight from returning and that it will take place without any side effects.

To anyone who has spent any time shopping for weight loss supplements,these
are familiar claims. The real proof of its effectiveness is in the ingredients and user feedback, they tell the whole story. In the case of Lida Daidaihua, the story is a bit muddled.

As mentioned before, the product site provides very little information other than to list the three main ingredients,which are:

Daidaihua -  (Bitter Orange) Contains Synephrine, a powerful Fat Burner and Appetite Suppressor.    Bitter orange is presently used  for heart burn, nasal congestion, weight loss, loss of appetite, fungal infections such as ring worm and  athelete's feet.

Mullberry Leaf Extract - Used by Chinese Medicine to prevent and treat diabetes. The extract contains a an ingredient that suppresses blood sugar levels improves blood circulation and energy.

Cassia Seed - main use is as a laxative, it is also used to improve eye sight, remove body heat and reduce blood pressure.

Job's Tears
- Good for diarrhea and as a colon cleanser.  It prevents the growth of and destroys cancels cells
That's a good question.  Even though the several website that I have reviewed suggest that it works there is no clear evidence of clinical studies validating that it does work.  The user testimonial eventhough favorable are too few to draw clearcut conclusion that it does work.
. Contains proven weight loss ingredients
100% money back guarantee
Some testimonials featured
It is cheap
Website refers to unqualified sources
Complete ingredients list not shown
No independent clinical studies performed validating its performance
Usage is not advise if you suffer from high blood pressure, you need to consult a doctor first
. There is no FAQ section
Insufficient user testimonials confirmingit effectiveness.
The Bottom line:  
Due to lack of clinical studies and user testimonies confirming its effectiveness you would be well advised to  consider one of the proven weights loss pills.


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