Many years have passed since my teens. I can still remember being the chubby one in the neighborhood and at school.  My desire to fit in became the focal point of my daily activity with my doing extraordinary things to be recognized and to fit in.  I did not need to look into a mirror to find fault with myself.  Lack of confidence and self esteem was ever present in my daily life.  Those were not the happiest years of my life.
2008 Official Weight Loss
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Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles
Diabetes & Obesity
Let's look at some of the things that could help you lose weight, improve your health and your  self-esteem, as well as extend your life.
Even though I have had children of my own and from what I have read, it seems that little has changed since those days. Teenage weight loss is still a major concern for most overweight teens, many of whom suffer rejection and ridicule from their friends or peers.
So what can you do if your are overweight or want to lose a few pounds to boost your self-image?
Things that are NOT within Your Control
Will have a significant impact not only on weight but on your body shape as well.  During puberty the hormones released quite often cause
boys to gain muscle and girls to experience an increase in body fat. Though these changes are considered normal they can make you feel you're overweight, even though you are not.

Why don't I look like my friends?" One primary reason for difference is your genes. The genes you inherit from your parents can affect your height, your body shape (pear-shaped or apple-shaped),or where excess fat will be you stored in your body. Teens with are overweight parents have an increased risk of becoming overweight as well. You are in a physical sense an extension of your parents.
Things that ARE within Your Control
What you Eat:
While puberty and genes are things that you can't control, what you eat is another story.
Your weight is directly related to what you eat. 

The eating of foods high in calories or fats such as; french fries, fast food, sodas, chips, and sweets regularly, instead of fruits and vegetables will increase the level of fat stored in your body teens or adults.

Anytime you eat foods in excess of the recommended daily amount of calories necessary for healthy nutrition you will increase the fat stored in your body and you will inevitably become an overweight teenager.

As a teenager, if you practice of this type of uncontrolled eating,
you will increase the risk of heart and other diseases.

If you are an overweight teen, you should
plan and eat balanced healthy meals which include all the ingredients necessary for proper nutrition.  The practicing of portion control is essential for maintaining or gaining weight and especially for teen weight loss.
Due to a lack of exercise and bad eating
Childhood/Teen Obesity is on the rise in United States.  Other than weight gained by over eating and bad eating habits, the lack of exercise has become a problem for both teens and adults. Too many of them are inactive, sitting around all day watching TV or sitting in front of the computer.

The reality here is simple,
if you don't exercise, you will not burn off the excessive calories that you consumed due to your eating habits. 
Exercise by teens and adults is also
essential for maintaining good health. If we don't exercise our bodies become week and eventually sluggish.
Take Action Only on What You can Control
  Don't Worry About the Rest,
You can do Nothing

What Affects Teenage Weight Control?

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